1. How are you related to John Homer Eddy? Are you descended from Bessie (Hall) Eddy?

  2. Deb, I have Bessie Hall as the wife of John Homer Eddy.
    Do you have any info that John Homer Eddy was married?

  3. Sorry, I forgot to tell you that Bessie Hall was previously married to George F Price:
    That's why she is Bessie Price on the marriage license application to J H Eddy.

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  5. It Was Wonderful seeing you again Deb.
    I found something that interests me and might you too. There is a link on the CHCPL page that is for 'older people'. Then on that page is a link to keep up to date on the new materials only in the Genealogy Department.

    So I'm going to make myself a reminder on my calendar to check this list, maybe monthly, just like I check the new DVDs regularly at my home library. And it's not like you have to run right over there an look at the book. You can make it an item on your 'list' at your library account. Then just look at it next time you get a chance to go over there. Here's the URL. Then a little more than halfway down you will see. "Bookmark the Genealogy New Arrivals list".

  6. Would you please contact me regarding your posting of a picture of 2ndLt Ralph Harrison on the find a grave website. I am a member of the Sywell Aviation Museum that set up the memorial at the crash site in the UK. We would like to know if you contact with the family of Ralph Harrison?
    I can be reached at

    Richard Chancellor